Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 6, 2013

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BP’s Bob Dudley Dodges Trial Specifics In Speech To Oil Industry Faithful
By Christopher Helman, Forbes. March 6, 2013.
“BP Chief Executive Bob Dudley, in a speech this morning at the annual CERAweek conference in Houston, downplayed the Deepwater Horizon trial underway in New Orleans. He canceled his post-speech press conference, likely because he didn’t want to be asked about the likelihood of settling with the Department of Justice…” (Read more)

BP faces August 2014 trial on shareholders’ Gulf spill claims
Reuters. March 5, 2013.
“A U.S. civil trial has been set for Aug. 25, 2014, regarding accusations that BP Plc committed fraud by misleading shareholders before and after the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill about its ability to respond to the accident…” (Read more)

The stains of industry
By Melanie Mann, The Lion’s Roar (Southeastern Louisiana University). March 6, 2013.
“Nearly three years ago the BP oil rig exploded, unleashing millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf and wreaking havoc upon the wetlands and marine life…” (Read more)