Latest Mississippi River Delta News: September 2, 2015

‘Natural’ river diversion at center of coastal restoration conflict (video)
*features John Lopez & Theryn Henkel, LPBF
By David Hammer, WWL-TV. September 1, 2015
It was coastal scientist John Lopez of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation who first dubbed this cleft Mardi Gras Pass, and he’s now giving it credit for actually starting the work that Louisiana has yet to muster the resources to pursue.” (Read More)
Strategies: Entrepreneurs preventing the next Katrina
By Rhonda Abrams, USA Today. August 28, 2015
Mack launched Tierra Resources in 2007 with two Louisiana State University professors as core team members, John Day and Rob Lane. Their goal was to create the business case behind private investment into wetlands restoration and to explore new, more cost-effective methods of creating and preserving wetlands.” (Read More)