Giovanna McClenachan

Science Director, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana

Giovanna McClenachan leads the science team at the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana. Originally from Vermont, Giovanna received her B.S. in Environmental Science from Dickinson College and her Ph.D in Oceanography and Coastal Sciences from Louisiana State University. Prior to moving to Louisiana in 2010, Giovanna worked as an Environmental Scientist at Green Seal in Washington, DC, where she created environmentally responsible products for large companies. Giovanna's research in Louisiana has produced publications describing ecosystem response to the oil spill, including “Effects of oil on the rate and trajectory of Louisiana marsh shoreline erosion.”

Scientific Publications

Turner, R.E., G. McClenachan, and A.W. Tweel. (2016). Island in the oil: Quantifying salt marsh shoreline erosion after Deepwater Horizon oiling. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

Turner, R.E., E.B. Overton, B.M. Ashton, M.S. Miles, G. McClenachan, L. Hooper-Bui, A. Summer Engel, E.M. Swenson, J.M. Lee, C.S. Milan, and H. Gao. (2014). Distribution and recovery trajectory of Macondo (Mississippi Canyon 252) oil in Louisiana salt marshes. Marine Pollution Bulletin.

McClenachan, G., R.E. Turner, and A.W. Tweel. (2013). Effects of oil on the rate and trajectory of Louisiana marsh shoreline erosion. Environmental Research Letters.

Kapur, A., C. Baldwin, M. Swanson, N. Wilberforce, G. McClenachan, and M. Rentschler. (2012). Comparative life cycle assessment of conventional and Green Seal-compliant industrial and institutional cleaning products. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment.

McClenachan, G. and R.E. Turner. (2016). Documenting marsh shoreline erosion over days, months, and a year. In prep.

Lewis, K.A., J.H. Cowan Jr., G. McClenachan, and K. De Mutsert. Historical descriptive models using fisheries and environmental data in Barataria Bay, Louisiana, USA. In prep.

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