Lindsay Nakashima

GIS Analyst/Coastal Geomorphology, National Audubon Society

Lindsay Nakashima joined Audubon Louisiana in November 2014 as a GIS Analyst developing geospatial solutions and applying GPS technologies to programs relating to Audubon’s Mississippi Flyway, Paul J. Rainey Wildlife Sanctuary, the Rainey Conservation Alliance, and the Mississippi River Delta Restoration Campaign. Prior to joining Audubon, he worked in the private sector integrating GIS with coastal geomorphology and environmental sciences focusing on: disaster recovery/mitigation, coastal restoration, NEPA, spill advisory, spill response, NRDA, EIS’s, recreational planning, resource/habitat interactions, and wetlands sustainability. He has working knowledge of Louisiana’s mainland and barrier island stratigraphy, littoral environments and shore-zone processes. Lindsay received a BS in Geography from the University of Toronto, an MA in Geography from Wilfrid Laurier and a PhD in Geography/Geology from Rutgers University. He resides in Denham Springs thankfully above the 0.1 percent annual chance flood elevation.

Scientific Publications

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