Natalie Peyronnin Snider

Senior Director, Coastal Resilience, Environmental Defense Fund

Natalie ensures sound science is being used to plan, design, implement and adaptively manage coastal restoration projects and policies, with a focus on system dynamics. Natalie leads the Restore the Mississippi River Delta science committee, a multi-organizational team of scientists that provides the foundation for the campaign by advancing scientific understanding, providing technical support and science communication, and ensuring science-based decision making processes are utilized to achieve large-scale, long-term restoration in the Gulf of Mexico. Previously, Natalie was a senior scientist for Louisiana’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA), where she served as technical lead and science communicator for the 2012 Coastal Master Plan, diversion coordinator, and liaison with The Water Institute of the Gulf and academic institutions. Natalie also worked as science director for the Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, where her responsibilities included science advocacy, regulatory oversight, on-the-ground restoration, staff and volunteer management, partnership development, grant management and outreach.


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