Delta Dispatches: Downriver Fest and Photographing Louisiana's Coast

On this week’s episode of Delta Dispatches, hosts Simone Maloz & Jacques Hebert talk to will bring on New Orleans based freelance photographer & National Geographic Society Explorer Ben Depp to discuss his aerial photography of Louisiana’s coast. On the second half the show, Jacques and Simone talk to Helen Rose Patterson from the National Wildlife Federation and Greg Lambousy from the New Orleans Jazz Museum to talk about their work and the upcoming Downriver Fest on September 8th!   …

Delta Dispatches: Louisiana Wildlife: Alligators, Pelicans and Bears, Oh My!

On today’s show Jacques & Simone talk with Sara Sneath, Environment reporter for the Times-Picayune about her recent series on the Endangered Species Act role in saving some Louisiana's iconic species: the American Alligator, the Brown Pelican, and the Louisiana Black Bear. Read all of the pieces on   Listen Now:

Delta Dispatches: Coastal Innovators

On today’s Delta Dispatches, Hansel Harlan from Marsh Dog stops by to talk with Simone & Jacques about their unique dog treats, their BTNEP grant & what’s next for Marsh Dog. In the second half the show, Terry & Brandy Shelley from Shelley Farms joins the show to talk about off-bottom oyster farming! Learn about the process, benefits and challenges of this innovative method of oyster farming.   Listen Now:

Delta Dispatches: Mythbusters: The Facts About Sediment Diversions

On today’s show Dr. Alisha Renfro, Coastal Scientist for the National Wildlife Federation stops by to talk with Simone & Jacques to talk about sediment diversions. Alisha reviews a recent blog post found on that addresses and debunks some myths about sediment diversions and land building.   Listen Now:

Delta Dispatches: Future Leaders of Our Coast

On today’s show, Jacques and Simone are back! They catch up on all the coastal news of the past few weeks and then sit down with Lindsay Cooper, Governor's Fellow at the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. They talk about her studies at Tulane, being President of the Tulane University Green Club, her work with No Waste NOLA, her Fellowship with the Governor and more!   Listen Now:

Delta Dispatches: The History of LBPF with Kristi Trail

This week on Delta Dispatches hosts Jacques Hebert and Simone Maloz sit down with the executive director of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF), Kirsti Trail! They talk about the history of LBPF, saving the lake, and what the organization does for coastal Louisiana. Later in the show, Erin Brown of Vanishing Paradise stops by to talk about her busy week in the Sportsman's Paradise.   Listen Now:

Delta Dispatches: American Beaches: They're a Shore Thing

This week on Delta Dispatches hosts Jacques Hebert and Simone Maloz go big on America’s beaches! Their first guest, Derek Brockbank is the Executive Director of the American Shore & Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA). Derek talks about his role and how beaches and coasts differ from state to state, what role beaches play in Louisiana. Later in the show, Jacques and Simone are joined by Lauren Averill, the Jefferson Parish Coastal Zone Coordinator and ASBPA Central Gulf Coast Board Member. Lauren …

Delta Dispatches: Snowballs & Water/Ways in Plaquemines Parish

Welcome to Delta Dispatches with hosts Simone Maloz & Jacques Hebert. On today’s show, our hosts are joined by Darilyn Turner, Executive Director of Zion Travelers Cooperative Center, and four her trainees to talk about her organization and what makes the East Bank the best bank. ZTCC is an organization that’s built around advocating for coastal restoration, disaster preparedness and connecting the youth of Plaquemines Parish to the environment. In the second half the show, Chris Roberts, Grants Manager of …

Delta Dispatches – Financing Coastal Restoration

Listen to another special episode of Delta Dispatches. This two-part episode was recorded live from State of the Coast 2018. This panel discussion on the financing of coastal restoration in Louisiana is moderated by Lacy Mcmanus (GNO Inc.) and features Charles Sutcliffe (CPRA), Simone Maloz (Restore or Retreat), Steve Barnes (LSU), and Shannon Cunniff (EDF).    Part 1: Part 2:

Delta Dispatches – Communicating the Coast

Listen to a special episode of Delta Dispatches! Recorded live from State of the Coast 2018, host Jacques Hebert moderates a panel of expert coastal communicators that represent all facets of coastal: the state, NGOs, journalists, and filmmakers! Members of the panel include: Mark Schleifstein (The Times-Picayune), Chuck Perrodin (CPRA), Amy Wold (The Water Institute of the Gulf) and Brian Boyles (Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities). Tune in next week to hear the second half of this fascinating conversation!   …

Delta Dispatches – Live From State of the Coast 2018!

Welcome to Delta Dispatches with hosts, Jacques Hebert & Simone Maloz. On today’s very special show Jacques & Simone are broadcasting live from the State of the Coast Convention! They talk to several special guests live from the floor of the conference.   Listen Now!

Delta Dispatches – From Paris to New Orleans: Connecting on Resilience

  On today’s show Jeff Hebert, Vice President for Adaptation & Resilience with The Water Institute of the Gulf & Sébastien Maire, Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Paris, join the program to talk with Simone & Jacques about making connections to achieve resilience across cities. On the heels of the recent 10x Conference in Baton Rouge, the guests discuss living with water, environmental challenges from Paris to New Orleans to Arizona, and the importance of making connections and collaborating …

Delta Dispatches – Audubon Nature Institute and Wildlife Conservation

On today’s show John Fallon, Director of Sustainability & Coastal Conservation, Audubon Nature Institute joins the program to talk about sustainable seafood, differences between Audubon Nature Institue & Audubon Louisiana, the exciting things happening at the Audubon Zoo, The Coastal Wildlife Network, the G.U.L.F. Program and more! Corey Miller of Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana joins the program to talk with Simone & Jacques about “Restoration on the Half Shell”.   Listen Now!

Delta Dispatches – Studying the Mississippi River

On today’s show Mead Allison, Tulane & The Water Institute of the Gulf joins the program to talk with Jacques & Simone about what he does for The Water Institue of the Gulf (TWIG) and for Tulane's Department of River – Coastal Science and Engineering and more! He's joined by Barbara Kleiss from the US Army Corps of Engineers to talk about their joint certificate program with Tulane and more!   Listen Now!

Delta Dispatches – Unpacking the Latest Science of Coastal Louisiana

Welcome to Delta Dispatches with hosts, Jacques Hebert & Simone Maloz. On today’s show Dr. Clint Willson, Director of LSU Center for River Studies, stops by to talk about recent articles on taming the Mississippi River, the Center for River Studies and what the river may want to do. He's followed by Dr. Alex Kolker who talks about the exciting science happening at LUMCON, their open house coming up and the study about the sinking of the gulf floor.   …