Restore the Mississippi River Delta is a coalition of Environmental Defense Fund, National Audubon Society, the National Wildlife Federation, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, and Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation. Together, we are working to rebuild coastal Louisiana’s nationally-significant landscape to protect people, wildlife and jobs. Our work is made possible through the Walton Family Foundation.

Our Vision:

Reconnecting the Mississippi River to its delta to protect people, wildlife and jobs.

Our Mission:

Advancing Coastal Restoration Solutions

About Us - Restore the Mississippi River Delta

The land loss crisis in the Mississippi River Delta and across coastal Louisiana is not a result of any single factor; rather, a variety of complex man-made and natural forces have resulted in the loss of nearly 1,900 square miles. Similarly, building and sustaining land across our coast cannot be achieved through any single project type. Restoring Louisiana’s coast will require a suite of complementary projects from the state’s Coastal Master Plan, including the use of sediment diversions to build deltaic wetlands, barrier island restoration, marsh creation, hydrologic restoration, oyster reef restoration, shoreline protection and ridge restoration.

Engaging Coastal Stakeholders

Restore the Mississippi River Delta is working with coastal residents, business owners, industry representatives, local and state government officials, and other groups and organizations to educate and engage them on our changing coastal landscape and the solutions available to secure a more resilient future for our communities and our coast. Our staff seeks to raise awareness to Louisiana’s land loss crisis and build broad-based support for addressing it with urgency.

Championing the Best Science

About Us - Restore the Mississippi DeltaIn a dynamic and ever-changing landscape like the Mississippi River Delta, it is of utmost importance to use the latest research and modeling to understand what the future coast will look like, comparing a restored coast to the coast of a future without action. That’s why Restore the Mississippi River Delta supports, synthesizes and interprets the latest scientific research, the gathering and analysis of field data, and the results of cutting-edge modeling. In that way we can recommend and comment upon projects for prioritization and better understand the coastal ecosystem and how it may react to future changes. From sea level rise to subsidence, fisheries to hydrology and more, our scientists are approaching the coastal crisis from multiple angles and using the best-available data to support a path for restoration.

Maximizing Coastal Funding

Restore the Mississippi River Delta is working to maximize and leverage currently available funding for coastal restoration as well as identify additional funding streams. We also seek to ensure that existing and future coastal funding is safeguarded for coastal restoration and protection projects.

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