Restore the Mississippi River Delta - What We Do

Restore the Mississippi River Delta’s staff scientists provide the technical expertise and analysis upon which all our campaign efforts and policies are based. We provide technical guidance and partner with the state of Louisiana and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on proposed projects, plans and restoration priorities. We provide decision makers with information on the evolving threats to the delta and feasibility of solutions. We conduct original research, synthesize existing research to provide critical analyses and help guide the academic scientific community to research questions that have an applied purpose in restoration decisions.

Public Policy

Restore the Mississippi River Delta’s state and federal policy experts help craft policies that will help restore coastal Louisiana and have bipartisan, broad-based stakeholder support. We write white papers and reports on what policies are needed for delta restoration as well as provide comments on the effectiveness of restoration policy decisions and plans put forward by the federal and state agencies.


Restore the Mississippi River Delta’s economic policy experts highlight the economic benefits of coastal restoration for the people and industries of Louisiana – and the nation. The water management industry, which includes coastal restoration, has become the leading jobs creator in Louisiana’s coastal zone. Working with communities and individuals that rely on healthy ecosystems for their livelihoods, we are working to shift public and economic perception that coastal restoration may be too costly to undertake.


Through a variety of on-the-ground staff-led and volunteer-supported programs, Restore the Mississippi River Delta’s coalition organizations are working to restore and protect coastal Louisiana and its wildlife. Our conservation work includes tree plantings, water quality and hydrologic monitoring, oyster shell recycling, bird monitoring and stewardship, marsh creation and restoration and much more!

Outreach, Education and Communication

What we do - Restore the Mississippi River DeltaRestore the Mississippi River Delta’s outreach staff works with a variety of constituencies, including business and civic leaders, community members and others across our state to build support for restoring Louisiana’s wetlands. Through local engagement, our staff is able to educate the public and key stakeholders about the issues facing our coast and encourage them to be coastal advocates in their communities. Restore the Mississippi River Delta’s communications staff raises awareness to Louisiana’s land loss crisis and the restoration solutions available to address it at the local, state and national level through media engagement, print and digital communications, events and more.