America Needs the Delta

Louisiana’s land loss crisis is an issue of national importance. Coastal Louisiana feeds and fuels the nation, and its ports connect the U.S. to the world. Restoring Louisiana’s coast to secure a resilient future for people, wildlife and industries will benefit the entire nation.

Coastal Louisiana By the Numbers

By advancing large-scale restoration projects, Louisiana can achieve increased protection for its residents, industries and wildlife, protecting a region of global importance.

Coastal restoration efforts also create and sustain jobs across Louisiana. The growing water management sector – which includes coastal restoration, coastal protection and urban water management – is the #1 driver of jobs in southeast Louisiana and #2 across the entire coastal zone.

Without strong action, coastal Louisiana faces an uncertain future that threatens the continued existence of places from New Orleans to Lake Charles, unleashing a massive migration of people and industry as well as the loss of precious wildlife and natural resources – in other words, the worst environmental disaster our country has ever experienced. According to a report by Louisiana State University and the RAND Corporation, the total cost of not pursuing significant coastal restoration in Louisiana could reach $133 billion.

Investing in coastal restoration is a win-win: It protects people, wildlife and jobs, while growing the local economy and avoiding significant future costs to taxpayers.