Delta Dispatches: What’s Ahead in 2019

Welcome to Delta Dispatches with hosts, Jacques Hebert & Simone Maloz. Today’s first guest is is Bren Haase, executive director of Coastal Progress & Lost Lake at the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA). To kickoff the show, Bren looks back at the CPRA’s successes in 2018 such as Whiskey Island, Lost Lake, and Center for River Studies. Next, we look ahead to what’s next for coastal restoration in 2019. To end the show, Simone and Jacques bring on …

Delta Dispatches: Holiday Round Table!

Welcome to the final Delta Dispatches of 2018! Hosts Jacques Hebert & Simone Maloz catch up with all their friends to recap 2018 and look forward to a great New Year. Special thanks to all our guests: Chip Klein, Robert Twilley, Steve Cochran, Alisha Renfro, Alex Kolker, Arthur Johnson, Brad Barth, Lauren Averill, Clint Wilson, Derek Brockbank, Jimmy Frederick, and Rudy Simoneaux!   Listen Now:

Delta Dispatches: These Resources Put Louisiana’s Coast at Your Fingertips

Welcome to Delta Dispatches with hosts, Jacques Hebert & Simone Maloz. On today’s show Anne Hawes, Outreach & Engagement Director & Public Information Director of CPRA joins the show to talk about her background, CPRA’s work to protect & restore coastal Louisiana, how many projects that are currently in construction across the coast, and CPRA’s new blog and tools! In the second half the show, Dr. John Lopez, Director, Coastal Sustainability Program of Pontchartrain Basin Foundation also stops by to …

Delta Dispatches: Talking Oysters

11.16.2018 | Posted by Delta Dispatches: Talking Oysters

Welcome to Delta Dispatches with hosts, Simone Maloz & Jacques Hebert. On today’s show Richard Condrey, former professor at LSU in the Department of Oceanography & Coastal Sciences stops by to talk with Jacques & Simone about his background, the value of Louisiana fisheries to the rest of the world, the Baton Rouge Audubon Society (BRAS) and his blog “The Great Barrier Reef of the Americas: Coastal Lessons from the Past.” Natalie Snider, director of science policy at EDF also …

Delta Dispatches: In Search of Louisiana’s Mysterious Marsh Bird

On today’s show Erik Johnson, Director of Bird Conservation at Audubon Louisiana & Justin Lehman, Coastal Marshbird Technician, also from Audubon Louisiana stop by to talk with Jacques & Simone about being vocal about stopping the proposal to build an airport on Elmer’s Island, how things are going restoration wise from a bird perspective, Justin’s typical day in the Louisiana marshes, the new project Black Rails, the surveys being conducted and more! Arthur Johnson, Chief Executive Officer of the Lower …

Delta Dispatches – Nicholls State University: Closest to the Coast

On today’s show Dr. Jay Clune, President of Nicholls State University joins the program to talk about his path to becoming President of the university, and what makes Nicholls a special place including Nicholls Farm and the Nicholls Center of Excellence and business incubator. Simone and Jacques are also joined by Nicki Boudreaux, the Instructor of Mass Communication at Nicholls. She talks about what made the intersect the coast and communicating, and how she has seen communication change since she …

Delta Dispatches: Resilience in Coastal Communities

On today’s show, Brandon Champagne stops by to talk with Simone & Jacques about his LSU Undergrad Honors Thesis – “Resilience in Context: How Cultural Factors Influence Migration Decisions of Individuals in Flood-Prone Areas of Coastal Louisiana”. Then, Dr. Shirley Laska from University of New Orleans joins the program to talk with Jacques & Simone about her background, what changes she has seen in the time she has spent in our coastal communities, what she has seen & experienced that …

Delta Dispatches: Experiencing Coastal Culture

On today’s show Dr. Theryn Henkel, Assistant Director for the Coastal Sustainability Program at the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LBPF) stops by to talk about their hot projects, their planting happening tomorrow & October 20th, what they have coming up in November and more! Jonathan Foret, Executive Director of the South Louisiana Wetlands Discovery Center also joins the show to talk with Simone & Jacques about Rougarou Fest, the mission of the SLWDC, ways to support the SLWDC, Swamp Camp …

Delta Dispatches: Coastal Poll – Louisiana Voters Support Coastal Restoration

On today’s show Tom Ordes, owner of Atlas Shoring LLC joins the show to talk with Jacques & Simone about what his company does, the process of home elevations, how to get funding and how to find more information on home elevations. Steve Cochran from Restore the Mississippi River Delta stops by to talk with Jacques & Simone about what news he is keeping his eyes on for the next few months, the new poll that came out today, what …

Delta Dispatches: Coastal Connections: From Bayou Lafourche to Buras

Welcome to Delta Dispatches with hosts, Simone Maloz & Jacques Hebert. On today’s show, Ryan Perque from Friends of Bayou Lafourche stops by to talk with Simone & Jacques about what is happening with their organization, what is coming up and more! On the second half of the show, Brad Barth of CPRA joins the show to talk about the wonderful initiatives that CPRA has going on.   Listen Now:

Delta Dispatches: Downriver Fest and Photographing Louisiana’s Coast

On this week’s episode of Delta Dispatches, hosts Simone Maloz & Jacques Hebert talk to will bring on New Orleans based freelance photographer & National Geographic Society Explorer Ben Depp to discuss his aerial photography of Louisiana’s coast. On the second half the show, Jacques and Simone talk to Helen Rose Patterson from the National Wildlife Federation and Greg Lambousy from the New Orleans Jazz Museum to talk about their work and the upcoming Downriver Fest on September 8th!   …

Delta Dispatches: Louisiana Wildlife: Alligators, Pelicans and Bears, Oh My!

On today’s show Jacques & Simone talk with Sara Sneath, Environment reporter for the Times-Picayune about her recent series on the Endangered Species Act role in saving some Louisiana’s iconic species: the American Alligator, the Brown Pelican, and the Louisiana Black Bear. Read all of the pieces on   Listen Now:

Delta Dispatches: Coastal Innovators

On today’s Delta Dispatches, Hansel Harlan from Marsh Dog stops by to talk with Simone & Jacques about their unique dog treats, their BTNEP grant & what’s next for Marsh Dog. In the second half the show, Terry & Brandy Shelley from Shelley Farms joins the show to talk about off-bottom oyster farming! Learn about the process, benefits and challenges of this innovative method of oyster farming.   Listen Now:

Delta Dispatches: Mythbusters: The Facts About Sediment Diversions

On today’s show Dr. Alisha Renfro, Coastal Scientist for the National Wildlife Federation stops by to talk with Simone & Jacques to talk about sediment diversions. Alisha reviews a recent blog post found on that addresses and debunks some myths about sediment diversions and land building.   Listen Now:

Delta Dispatches: Future Leaders of Our Coast

On today’s show, Jacques and Simone are back! They catch up on all the coastal news of the past few weeks and then sit down with Lindsay Cooper, Governor’s Fellow at the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. They talk about her studies at Tulane, being President of the Tulane University Green Club, her work with No Waste NOLA, her Fellowship with the Governor and more!   Listen Now: