The 2017 Master Plan is the road map that will guide Louisiana's efforts to protect the coast over the next 50 years. As the plan comes up for a vote, our best weapon is your voice!

#OurCoast is an ongoing project by Restore the Mississippi River Delta to document the various ways the Mississippi River Delta has made an impact in the lives of Louisianians and others.

We've already had some great responses, here are real stories from people like you telling their coastal stories. 


#OurCoast: From the headwaters to the delta

Standing in the warm knee-deep water, I remembered being a kid and walking across those headwaters. I imagined the wetlands that would grow in this place, fueled by the dirt and fresh water of the Mississippi River. And in that moment, I felt a connection to Louisiana’s coast and knew it was a special place I wanted to help protect.

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