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Tell CPRA: Prioritize Sediment Diversions

One of the most urgent issues facing Louisiana is the loss of our coast. There is no time to waste!

Take action now: Comment to CPRA and urge them to continue prioritizing sediment diversions in its Coastal Master Plan.


Supporter Spotlight

The Very Rev. William " Bill" Terry - Restore the Mississippi River Delta

The Very Rev. William “Bill” Terry

Rector of St. Anna’s Episcopal Church, New Orleans, LA.
How I got involved:

I became interested in the work of Restore the Mississippi River Delta when I was offered an opportunity to highlight their work during a Sunday Service that focused on nature. Since then I have been impressed with the educational and advocacy work done by the Coalition in working to save our coastline and wetlands.

Why I love Louisiana:

I am a native of Louisiana and spent my childhood raised on the water along the Gulf coastal marshlands. Later in life I was involved with the Gulf Coast fisheries industry. The richness of this Louisiana and her coastal lands, waters, villages and reefs are part of who I am and how I know the world. To see harm done to any of it is like harm is being done to my family. I want my grandchildren and their grandchildren to at least retain what is and if possible restore some of what was. I love Louisiana.