Ridge Restoration

Bayou La Loutre Ridge Restoration

  • Project TypeRidge Restoration
  • Project BasinBreton-Chandeleur Basin
  • ParishSt. Bernard

This project will restore the Bayou la Loutre Ridge, which stretches from the southwestern side of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet to the Biloxi Marsh. The Bayou la Loutre Ridge is actually two parallel natural levees flanking old Bayou la Loutre (Otter Bayou), which is part of the structural underpinning of the Biloxi marshes. Construction of the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet breached the ridges, dramatically altering the hydrology of the area and leading to saltwater intrusion and extensive wetland loss. The ridge has suffered from subsidence, saltwater intrusion and canal breaches. The purpose of this project is to re-establish the ridge by adding soil and elevation, improve hydrology, provide storm surge protection, decrease saltwater intrusion and provide important resting habitat for migratory birds.