The positive economic impacts of constructing the Mid-Barataria and Mid-Breton sediment diversions will be significant and will be felt within Plaquemines Parish and across the broader region.”

Dr. Loren C. Scott, President, Dr. Loren C. Scott & Associates, Inc. 



new report released today by Dr. Loren C. Scott & Associates, Inc. details the regional economic impacts of building the Mid-Barataria and Mid-Breton sediment diversions. The report, “The Economic Impact of Constructing the Mid-Barataria and Mid-Breton Sediment Diversion Projects” showcases how local and state businesses, governments and residents will benefit economically during the combined seven-year period between 2021 and 2027 when these projects are being built.

Key Findings:

The sediment diversions are being designed and will be operated to benefit the surrounding coastal ecosystems. The Mid-Barataria and Mid-Breton sediment diversions are currently in engineering and design and will be located on either side of the Mississippi River in Plaquemines Parish. Once built, these coastal restoration projects will be operated strategically to deliver sediment, freshwater and nutrients from the Mississippi River to build and maintain tens of thousands of adjacent wetlands over time. Plaquemines Parish is experiencing some of the most severe land loss on the planet. Without projects from Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan, the parish could lose an additional 296 square miles–or 55% of its total land mass–in the next 50 years.

About Dr. Loren C. Scott & Associates, Inc.: 

Dr. Loren C. Scott & Associates, Inc., provides economic consulting and public speaking services for a wide range of clients. Consulting activities include impact studies, forecasting services, analysis of policy proposals, and general economic analyses. Dr. Scott is co-developer of the Louisiana econometric model, a model used for providing annual forecasts of the Louisiana economy, which are released each fall. He is also presently Professor Emeritus of Economics at LSU.