Hydrologic Restoration

Calcasieu-Sabine Large-Scale Marsh and Hydrologic Restoration Project

  • Project TypeHydrologic Restoration
  • Project BasinChenier Plain

This project is intended to reduce stress from inundation (and, if possible, salinity) within wetlands in order to maintain vegetative productivity and reduce conversion of wetlands to open water. The project will achieve and maintain marsh elevation through a combination of 1) continued active water management practices that reduce saltwater intrusion into the marshes through operation of the existing water control structures along the lake-rim, 2) implementing large-scale marsh drainage improvements that reduce the flood stress that is currently driving marsh vulnerability, and 3) constructing large-scale marsh creation and nourishment that increases elevation capital in some of the most degraded areas of the watershed. Restoring this coastal ecosystem and lowering the risk associated with sea level rise, subsidence, and tropical events along the coast will also improve the long-term economic health of the Calcasieu-Sabine region.