Restore the Coast

Tell Louisiana legislators: Restoring the coast is not up for debate

Louisiana is losing a football field of land every 100 minutes, and the science tells us it’s not getting better.

Please add your voice to the map below so, together, we can deliver a strong message to the Legislature and governor.

2019 is a major election year in Louisiana: Every seat in the Legislature and the Governorship will be up for election. While we currently enjoy strong support for the coastal restoration work urgently needed in Louisiana, we can’t take this support for granted. Given the turnover, we need you to help maintain this support in 2020.

Everyone who cares about our coast has a role to play to make sure that our elected officials understand the value and importance of this coastal work!

The decisions made today will determine what kind of Louisiana we leave our kids and grandkids.

Help protect Louisiana for our future and their future. Thank you!

Please sign the form on this page and add your name to the map. Make sure our elected officials know that we’re watching and we care about our coast.

Join the Louisianians who support our coast