Sarah Henshaw

Legislative Analyst, Coastal and Flood Resilience, Environmental Defense Fund

Sarah is a Legislative Analyst, Coastal and Flood Resilience at the Environmental Defense Fund. At the EDF, she is a member of the Political Affairs team and works to advance coastal and flood resilience, climate, clean energy, and other pro-environment legislation in Congress. She serves on the MRD policy committee, and focuses on administrative action and prioritization of nature-based infrastructure as it relates to the protection of our coastlines.

A Tarteel born and bred, Sarah got her bachelor’s in environmental studies and marine science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, as well as a Master’s in Public Administration. Prior to joining EDF, Sarah worked at the Virginia Coastal Policy Center, where she worked to educate local policymakers about flood resilience, help local governments prioritize resilience projects, and provide research for the Louisiana Coastal Resilience Master Plan. In her free time, Sarah enjoys cooking, seeing live music, and playing with her cat, Teddy.

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