Bill to protect Louisiana’s Coastal Fund unanimously passes House Appropriations Committee

Louisiana House Bill 490 is legislation that would ensure the Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund (Coastal Fund) is used for coastal restoration and protection purposes only. The bill reached its first milestone yesterday when it was unanimously passed by the House Appropriations Committee.

This bill will protect the state’s Coastal Fund by prohibiting it from being used as a pass-through account for purposes other than coastal protection and restoration.

The Mississippi River Delta Restoration Coalition will continue to monitor and support HB 490, and we will provide updates on its status as it makes its way through the legislative process. Its next stop is the House Committee on Civil Law and Procedure.

Find out more about HB 490 in our previous post.

Take Action: Call your Louisiana state representative and tell them to close the loophole on transfers from the Coastal Fund other than those intended by law, by supporting HB 490.