#OurCoast: Faith, Science, and Sea Level Rise

#OurCoast: Faith, Science, and Sea Level Rise

04.24.2017 | By Krista Jankowski

#OurCoast is an ongoing project by Restore the Mississippi River Delta to document the various ways the Mississippi River Delta has made an impact in the lives of Louisianians and others. Sometimes, I find it really hard to be an earth scientist and live in New Orleans – and not just because we don't have any local rocks to speak of. Rather, I find myself overwhelmed as my work can inundate me with new facts and projections about the vulnerability …

#OurCoast: From Disaster to Restoration

03.29.2017 | Posted by Estelle Robichaux, Senior Restoration Project Analyst, Environmental Defense Fund

When I heard there had been an explosion on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, I knew it was going to be one of the most impactful events during my lifetime. In the spring of 2010, I was living in Florida, deep in the throes of graduate school and finals were looming. I knew that once I really started to pay attention to the news surrounding the spill, I was not going to be able to stop. So …

#OurCoast: From the Headwaters to the Delta

03.15.2017 | Posted by Elizabeth Van Cleve, Communications Manager, Ecosystems, Environmental Defense Fund

“Jump!” the guide told us. “Jump out of the boat!” I was sitting with my colleagues in a small boat near the mouth of the Atchafalaya River, a distributary of the Mississippi. We had boarded at the dock, traveled south through the channel, and were now bobbing in open water where the murky Atchafalaya River meets the clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. I figured our guide was making a joke – there was no way I was jumping out …