Coastal Latest & Greatest: 3 Things to Distract You from the Cold

01.19.2018 | In Latest News
By Emily Falgoust, Communications Associate, Restore the Mississippi River Delta, National Audubon Society


1) Eat Alligator. Restore the Coast. “The American alligator has been so protected, it’s now over-populated,” said chef Nathan Richard in Jenny Adam’s recent Mic article, “Eating alligator in New Orleans could help save the wetlands of Louisiana.” Chef Richard is one of the pivotal Louisiana chefs that is passionate about sustainable seafood and restoring our coast.

Last year, we held and event with chef Isaac Toups who gave an alligator cooking demonstration complete with DIY recipe.

Check out this video of Chef Toups’ alligator cooking demonstration, and try out his recipe for yourself!


2) The future’s so bright. The Lake Charles American Press reports in “Protecting coastline remains major issue” that “The outlook for protecting Southwest Louisiana’s coastline is much brighter.” This is due to the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority incorporating public feedback into its 2019 Annual Plan for coastal restoration.


3) Don’t be salty. “The Mississippi River Is Getting Saltier,” a recent WWNO piece by Travis Lux, discusses a new study showing that “Waterways across the country are getting saltier — including the Mississippi River. That has implications for the ecosystem and for drinking water.” Alex Kolker discusses the dangers this could mean for the coast.