Groups Challenge Proposed Raids on Coastal Restoration Funds

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Elizabeth Van Cleve, Environmental Defense Fund, 202.553.2543,
Emily Guidry Schatzel, National Wildlife Federation, 225.253.9781,
Jacques Hebert, National Audubon Society, 504.264.6849,
Jimmy Frederick, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, 225.317.2046,
John Lopez, Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, 504.421.7348,

Groups Challenge Proposed Raids on Coastal Restoration Funds

Conservation organizations urge Administration, Congress to protect GOMESA funds for Louisiana coastal restoration

(Washington, D.C.—February 10, 2016) In response to the release of President Obama’s fiscal year 2017 budget proposal and the U.S. Senate debate on energy legislation, national and local conservation groups working together on Mississippi River Delta restoration – Environmental Defense Fund, National Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation and Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana – released the following statement:

“We oppose any efforts by the Administration or Congress that undercut commitments to restore critical ecosystems in Louisiana’s Mississippi River Delta, where we are losing 16 square miles of vital wetlands every year – a preventable coastal erosion crisis.

“These wetlands, which are nationally significant for both our environment and economy, will be lost without concerted and immediate investments. And those investments – currently underway through implementation of the 2012 Louisiana Coastal Master Plan – absolutely depend upon Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act (GOMESA) funding, which is constitutionally committed in Louisiana to a Coastal Trust Fund that supports that plan. Failure to honor that federal commitment would directly result in accelerated land loss, habitat destruction and further degradation of this world-class ecosystem.

“The Mississippi River Delta is a national treasure that is home to millions of Americans, provides vital wildlife habitat, and supports billions of dollars in seafood industries, navigation interests, and energy production. This landscape deserves our full attention, including a comprehensive restoration strategy dependent on continued GOMESA funding, which must not be withdrawn or constrained.”


The Restore the Mississippi River Delta Coalition is working to protect people, wildlife and jobs by reconnecting the river with its wetlands. As our region faces the crisis of threatening land loss, we offer science-based solutions through a comprehensive approach to restoration. Composed of conservation, policy, science and outreach experts from Environmental Defense Fund, National Audubon Society, National Wildlife Federation, Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana and Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, we are located in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Washington, D.C.; and around the United States. Learn more at and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.