Gulf Editorials Reflect National Support for RESTORE Act

09.29.2011 | In Press Releases, Uncategorized

Editorial boards from around the Gulf are reflecting how Gulf Coast residents–and voters nationwide–feel about coastal restoration in light of last summer’s oil spill: Congress must act now to ensure that the fines paid by BP and others responsible for the spill are dedicated to restoring the Gulf Coast’s ecosystem and economy.


“SENATE COMMITTEE members set an example of bipartisanship when they approved a bill to send oil spill fines to the Gulf Coast states. The measure now goes to the full Senate…” (“Wrap up congressional agreement on oil spill fines (editorial).” The Press-Register [Mobile, Al.] 26 Sept. 2011)

“KUDOS TO the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee for approving the RESTORE Act. The bill’s not perfect, but this brings the Gulf Coast states a little closer to receiving 80 percent of the fine money charged in the BP oil spill…” (“Hooray for progress on the RESTORE Act (live editorial).” The Press-Register [Mobile, Al.] 21 Sept. 2011)


“Remember bipartisanship? It’s comatose in Washington, D.C., but it’s not dead yet. And because a congressional committee briefly — and responsibly — revived the concept, the Gulf of Mexico, sullied by last year’s gargantuan oil spill, has a chance to return to good health, too…” (“OUR OPINION: Lawmakers come together to help the Gulf states.” The Miami Herald [Miami, Fl.] 26 Sept. 2011)


“The Gulf Coast is a step closer to securing most of the environmental fines that will be levied against BP for last year’s oil spill, with Wednesday’s approval of legislation by the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee. That vote was a victory for the entire Gulf Coast but especially for Louisiana, which bore the brunt of the environmental damage from the gusher of oil off its coast and stands to get a substantial portion of the money under the bill’s formula for dividing the fines…” (“Progress on BP fines: An editorial.” The Times-Picayune [New Orleans, La.] 23 Sept. 2011)

“Fair is fair, and the Gulf Coast deserves fairness. That should be the central issue in the debate concerning a federal proposal to send any money BP pays in oil-spill fines to the Gulf states affected by the spill…” (“Gulf Coast deserves fairness.” The Houma Courier [Houma, La.] 23 Sept. 2011)

Prior to the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee vote, Gulf residents and editorial boards had been closely watching the RESTORE the Gulf Coast States Act and urging Senate EPW committee members to support it.


“A bipartisan bill to dedicate most of the fines from the BP oil spill to restoring the Gulf Coast is set to come up for a vote in a U.S. Senate committee Wednesday. A vote for this bill is a vote for the future of the Gulf, so people across the region are counting on committee members to support the measure…” (“Supporting Senate bill to invest fines from BP’s spill is a vote for the Gulf Coast’s future: An editorial.” The Times-Picayune [New Orleans, La.] 20 Sept. 2011)


“The Environment and Public Works Committee of the U.S. Senate is scheduled to consider the RESTORE the Gulf Coast Act of 2011 today. Committee approval would make the legislation–on which Mississippi’s Republican senators, Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker, are original cosponsors–available for consideration by the full Senate…” (“Senate should give its seal of approval to RESTORE Act.” The Sun Herald [Gulfport, Ms.] 20 Sept. 2011)