Job opening: Project Manager Consultant for Lower Mississippi River Delta Design Initiative

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Job: Project Manager Consultant

Project: Lower Mississippi River Delta Design Initiative

Location: Flexible between Washington, DC and New York City


Responding to the collapse of social and environmental ecosystems across the Lower Mississippi River Delta, Environmental Defense Fund and Van Alen Institute have embarked on a major, multi-year initiative to address the physical, scientific, social, and economic challenges of designing—and implementing—a self-sustaining Louisiana delta landscape.

Over the last century, engineered control structures and levee systems have starved south Louisiana of the Mississippi River’s land-building sediment. The resulting loss of coastal wetlands—accelerated by the dredging of thousands of miles of canals for energy production and transportation—has compromised flood control and navigation, threatened energy infrastructure, and placed priceless ecologies and cultures on the path to extinction.

In the aftermath of Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, a broad coalition has gathered to bring Gulf Coast communities, ecologies, and commerce back into balance. To create fresh visions for the region’s future, the Lower Mississippi River Delta Design Initiative is a highly-competitive, two-phase process that uses design both as a problem-solving tool and a catalyst for public engagement. During the first phase, teams of engineers, coastal researchers, planners, architects, and landscape architects will respond to a Request for Qualifications that asks for world-class, realizable visions that reimagine the delta system as far as 300 miles upriver. During the second phase, one or more of these visions will be selected for further refinement—and developed in concert with the region’s master planning process to restore natural flood and storm protection while accommodating the needs of navigation and industry.

We are seeking a consultant to serve as a Project Manager with exceptional leadership, management, and communication skills who will coordinate the creation of an organization in New Orleans to launch this landmark initiative and to support the recovery of the Gulf Coast’s environment, economy, and health and human services.


The Project Manager (PM) will be responsible for the startup and initial operation of the Lower Mississippi River Delta Design Initiative. The PM will work closely with Environmental Defense Fund, Van Alen Institute, and other advisors to develop and implement the initiative’s vision and strategy. Serving as the project’s central manager, the PM will coordinate with partner organizations, work with the Leadership Team, engage stakeholder and science groups, and manage the project budget and communications. Throughout the consultancy, the PM will develop meaningful relationships with delta stakeholders, leaders, funders, and design teams. The PM will report to EDF and VAI.



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