Join the Nov. 10 #RestoreTheCoast Online Day of Action!

11.06.2015 | In Funding & Policy

MRDRC-300x600In advance of the general election, on November 10, the Restore the Mississippi River Delta Coalition is hosting a #RestoreTheCoast Online Day of Action to highlight the important role Louisiana’s elected officials play in coastal restoration! Through this nonpartisan, voter education campaign, we are asking Louisianians to sign a pledge committing to vote in the upcoming election and urging state leaders to: be a voice for coastal restoration, protect existing and secure future coastal restoration funding, and support Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan.

Our hope is to send a clear message to our public officials: Louisianians want leaders who will prioritize coastal restoration, by keeping restoration dollars for restoration and continuing the forward progress made through the coastal master planning process. Together, we can protect our communities and coast for generations to come.

Join the #RestoreTheCoast Online Day of Action on November 10! Help us reach our goal of 10,000 pledges and elevate this important issue in advance of the Nov. 21 general election! Learn more and take the pledge at

Restore the Coast Online Day of Action Goals:

  1. Garner 10,000 total pledges
  2. Flood social media with #RestoreTheCoast and #TakeThePledge messaging

Ways You Can Get Involved:

  1. Email: Send an email to at least five friends, urging them to take the pledge at!
  2. Twitter: Send tweets throughout the day urging your followers to take the pledge at and to share the pledge with their friends! Be sure to use the #RestoreTheCoast hashtag.
  3. Facebook: Update your Facebook status and include a link to the pledge! Download sample Restore The Coast images via our Digital Starter Kit.
  4. Instagram: Instagram your favorite photo of the coast and ask your followers to take the pledge at! Remember to use the #RestoreTheCoast hashtag.

Restore The Coast Digital Starter Kit:

Check out the Restore the Coast digital starter kit for sample web banners, social media share images and tweets.

General Guidelines for #RestoreTheCoast Online Day of Action:

  1. This effort will start at 9am Tuesday Nov. 10 and continue through the course of the day – feel free to keep the momentum going past Tuesday!
  2. If sending an email to your friends and family, please send it first thing in the morning. Get the buzz started early!
  3. The Online Day of Action will start with a simple tweet and/or Facebook post from your account about what today’s activity is about: a statewide day of action urging Louisianians to take the pledge to help #RestoreTheCoast!
  4. Then proceed to send out tweets and Facebook posts about the pledge and highlighting the important role Louisiana leaders play in coastal restoration (see Sample Tweets below).
  5. Follow the Online Day of Action’s progress throughout the day by tracking the #RestoreTheCoast hashtag, where you’ll see tweets from our and other organizations and individuals participating in the event. We have already begun using this hashtag with great success!
  6. Respond to and retweet your followers’ tweets in support of taking the pledge to restore the coast!

Hashtags and Mentions

  1. Use the #RestoreTheCoast and #TakeThePledge hashtags in your tweets.
  2. If you have room, it would be great to include “via @RestoreDelta” in your tweet, to help promote the Restore the Mississippi River Delta Coalition’s Twitter handle.

Sample Tweets: Feel free to create your own tweets but please use the #RestoreTheCoast hashtag when possible.

Sample kickoff messages to begin the Twitter Day of Action

Sample tweets for rest of the day

@RestoreDelta stats you can share or retweet:

Share these stats and images on Facebook or Twitter using #RestoreTheCoast and linking to the pledge:


Share these great videos on Facebook or Twitter using #RestoreTheCoast and linking to the pledge:

  1. Restore the Coast TV ad
  2. What Would You Miss? sticker video
  3. What Would You Miss? whiteboard video

Together, we can #RestoreTheCoast!