Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 16, 2014

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Barataria Bay, 4 Years After The Deepwater Horizon Disaster
By Eileen Fleming, WWNO. April 16, 2014.
“As Sunday’s four-year anniversary of the BP oil spill approaches, environmental groups headed out…” (read more)

Final stretch of Gulf coast removed from active cleanup status
By Amy Wold, The Advocate. April 16, 2014.
“The active search for Deepwater Horizon oil along the Gulf Coast ended Tuesday…” (read more)

Coast Guard, BP end ‘active cleanup’ of Louisiana’s coast, nearly four years after 2010 spill
By Manuel Torres, The Times-Picayune. April 15, 2014.
“BP on Tuesday said it has ended its “active cleanup” of Louisiana’s coast, nearly four years…” (read more)

3 Louisiana congressmen say Obama administration too slow to release BP oil spill recovery funds
By Bruce Alpert, The Times-Picayune. April 15, 2014.
“Three Louisiana Republicans are accusing the Obama administration of taking too much time…” (read more)

West Bank levee authority to turn to private contractor for help with feral hog problem
By Andrew Shaw, The Times-Picayune. April 15, 2014.
“Feral hogs that have been rooting up West Bank levees will be targeted by a private contractor…” (read more)