Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 19, 2013

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Gulf Spill Cleanup Continues 3 Years Later, Full Impact Not Yet Known
By Stacey Plaisance and Janet McConnaughey, The Associated Press. April 19, 2013.
“BAY JIMMY, La. (AP) — At first glance, the marshy, muddy coastline of Bay Jimmy in southeast Louisiana appears healthy three years after the nation’s worst offshore oil spill. Brown pelicans and seagulls cruise the shoreline, plucking fish and crabs from the water. Snails hold firm to tall blades of marsh grass…” (Read more)

Gulf Coast still waiting for funds after spill
Deborah Barfield Berry and Mary Orndorff Troyan, Gannett Washington Bureau. April 19, 2013.
“WASHINGTON — Three years after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill polluted the Gulf Coast’s ecosystem and hammered its economy, the region is still waiting on billions of dollars in fines and other payments from BP…” (Read more)

Disaster expert cites “failure to learn” for Deepwater Horizon blowout
By Sarah Yang, UC Berkeley. April 18, 2013.
“BERKELEY — Nearly three years after the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe, UC Berkeley engineer Bob Bea still has vivid memories of the frantic phone call he received just moments before the oil rig exploded…” (Read more)

BP oil spill cleanup continues, three years after blowout
By John Upton, Grist. April 17, 2013.
“As the three-year anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon blowout approaches, laborious efforts to remove mats of oil and tar balls are still underway along Gulf of Mexico shorelines…” (Read more)

Three Years Later: Gulf Coast Still Recovering From BP Oil Spill
By Tom Kiernan, President, National Parks Conservation Association, for the Huffington Post. April 18, 2013.
“This Saturday, April 20, marks the third anniversary of the oil rig explosion that devastated coastal communities, waters and lands in the Gulf of Mexico and imposed tragic loss among 11 families…” (Read more)

MSU explores Louisiana’s shrinking coastline
The Clinton (Miss.) News. April 18, 2013.
“Louisiana is shrinking. According to new information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 25-35 square miles of land off the coast of Louisiana disappears into the water every year…” (Read more)

New Orleans levee risk studies by Corps already outdated; new studies could guide future improvements, engineer says
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune. April 18, 2013.
“Complex risk studies developed by the Army Corps of Engineers to govern the rebuilding of the New Orleans area levee system in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina already are outdated, a civil engineer told the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East on Thursday…” (Read more)

Rep. Jo Bonner: Give states power to manage red snapper fisheries
By George Talbot, The Press Register. April 18, 2013.
“WASHINGTON – U.S. Rep. Jo Bonner, R-Mobile, said today he was pleased to see governors from the Gulf Coast states actively engaging in discussions on how best to manage red snapper fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico…” (Read more)