Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 2, 2015

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Cat Island: Pelican haven to lifeless sandbar in 5 years
*features David Muth, NWF & Estelle Robichaux, EDF
By David Hammer, WWL TV. April 1, 2015
“Cat Island has taken on special significance because it was a favorite nesting spot for hundreds of pelicans and other birds – and the site of their widely observed demise when those nests were overrun by crude oil as BP’s Macondo well gushed unabated for 87 days, starting on April 20, 2010.” (Read More)

Environmental Defense Fund to Monitor Restore Act Projects
*features Natalie Peyronnin, EDF
By Eileen Fleming, WWNO. April 1, 2015
“There has to be oversight. There has to be somebody looking out for the natural resources and the communities of the Gulf to make sure that money is spent properly and actually leads up to a successful and healthy Gulf.” (Read More)

Five years later, something wicked (and oily) this way comes
By Fred Grimm, Miami Herald. April 1, 2015
“But lately, as we approach the fifth anniversary on April 20 of the fiery offshore oil well calamity that killed 11 workers and sent oil gushing from a breached undersea pipe for 87 days, it has become apparent that it was indeed a considerable environmental calamity. Except in this slow-motion calamity, much of the damage occurred underneath the surface.” (Read More)

The Listening Post Asks: Do you worry about coastal erosion?
By Kate Richardson, WWNO. April 2, 2015
“Louisiana’s land loss over the last 80 years is equivalent to the size of Delaware, and the potential of losing another Delaware looms large in the next fifty years if salt water intrusion, sea level rise, and subsidence continue to eat away at Louisiana’s boot.” (Read More)