Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 22, 2015

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The Gulf, Still at Risk
By The Editorial Board, The New York Times. April 22, 2015
“While much of the oil has evaporated, been consumed by bacteria or widely dispersed, its poisons linger in marshes and wetlands, deep-sea corals are visibly damaged, and scientists have estimated that millions of gallons settled in roughly 1,200 square miles of the ocean floor, with untold consequences for the health of bottom-dwelling organisms.” (Read More)

BP’s claims of Gulf recovery are a mockery
By David Yarnold, Tribune News Service. April 22, 2015
“Here’s what BP doesn’t want you to know: Its crews had been on the scene of that massive cleanup for the three weeks leading up to the release of that report which claimed all cleanup operations had been long finished. That’s a serious truth gap. The British-owned oil giant continues to be far more concerned about its bottom line than repairing the damage it inflicted on the Gulf Coast.” (Read More)

Environmentalists Warn That Gulf Oil Spill Recovery Could be a Mirage
*features Steve Cochran, EDF
By Paul Barret, Bloomberg. April 21, 2015
“The size of the fines BP ultimately pays, he added, “will go a long way toward signaling to BP, and to operators in the Gulf and elsewhere, that the U.S. is defending its waters, coasts, and the people and businesses who live there. And justice for the Gulf comes from outcomes like that, not luck.” (Read More)

Five Years After the BP Oil Spill, Gulf Coast Residents Say “BP Hasn’t Made Things Right”
By Julie Dermansky, April 21, 2015
“On March 31, Restore the Mississippi River Delta Coalition, a coalition of environmental groups, took members of the media to the site where the tar mat cleanup took place on East Grand Terre. The group found another tar mat in the same location. BP cleanup workers either missed some of the tar mat found weeks before, or a new one had been uncovered.” (Read More)

BP oil spill’s poisons linger, fines should go to restoration, say NY Times editorial
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune. April 21, 2015
“The BP oil spill has left behind poisons that continue to disrupt the ecology of the Gulf of Mexico and its shoreline, said an editorial in Wednesday’s New York Times.” (Read More)