Latest Mississippi River Delta News: April 3, 2015

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Councilman questions spending on ‘poster child’ of the BP oil spill
*features Doug Meffert, NAS & Natalie Peyronnin, EDF
By John Snell, WVUE. April 2, 2015
“These islands are the only places where the birds can breed without predation,” said Doug Meffert, Executive Director of Audubon Louisiana. “We could have population crashes.” (Read More)

Research shows dolphins are still suffering from Deepwater Horizon spill, five years later
*features Alisha Renfro, NWF
By Stephanie Oswald, WGNO. April 2, 2015
“Renfro says BP started out on a good foot, “They put up $1 billion and about $800 million of that has been spent across the Gulf Coast. We have started some of those projects but with 134 million gallons of oil, $1 billion of restoration doesn’t quite cut it.” (Read More)

Feature: Five years after the Deepwater Horizon disaster, scars linger
By Warren Cornwall, Science Magazine. April 2, 2015
“Nearly 5 years after BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded on 20 April 2010, killing 11 workers and unleashing an 87-day undersea geyser of oil that spewed at least 518 million liters, the disaster’s legacy is still evident here—if you dig.” (Read More)

Five years later animals are still feeling the impact of the BP oil spill
*features David Muth, NWF
By Anna Culaba, RYOT. April 3, 2015
“It is essential that the money from these penalties be invested in scientifically-sound restoration projects, like those planned for the Mississippi River Delta and the Everglades,” David Muth of the National Wildlife Federation said.” (Read More)