Latest Mississippi River Delta News: August 27, 2015

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Louisiana Post-Katrina: A Decade of Difference (Video)
features John Lopez, LPBF & Simone Maloz, Restore or Retreat
This month Louisiana Public Square takes a look at where the state is now on “Louisiana Post-Katrina: A Decade of Difference” airing Wednesday, August 26 at 7 p.m. on LPB HD. (View more).

Hurricane Katrina Anniversary: 3 Ambitious Plans To Save New Orleans From Climate Change
features Steve Cochran, EDF
By Maria Gallucci, International Business Times. August 26, 2015.
The three strategies are part of the Changing Course design competition run by regional and U.S. environmental groups. The winning teams — Baird & Associates, Moffatt & Nichol and Studio Misi-Ziibi — presented their plans Wednesday in New Orleans during a weeklong series of events on Louisiana’s post-Katrina recovery. (Read more)

Design Competition Winners Share Ideas for Saving Louisiana Coast
features Steve Cochran, EDF
By Pam Hunter, Engineering News-Record. August 25, 2015.
Three design-and-engineering teams unveiled their concepts for saving the lower Mississippi River Delta over the next 100 years at an Aug. 20 press conference in New Orleans… (Read more)

President Obama Prepares Visit to Commemorate 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina
Statement by David Yarnold, NAS
“We are not going to protect our coastal communities from future Katrinas until we fix our main defenses—the vanishing coastal wetlands that buffer the winds and tidal surges of violent storms,” said Audubon President and CEO David Yarnold (Read more)

Will New Orleans Survive the Next Katrina? (Video)
features Doug Meffert, NAS
By Tim McDonnell Mother Jones. August 26, 2015
Before the storm, hurricane protection and coastal restoration were treated as separate, or ever-competing, interests. Now, they’re one and the same.”Without Katrina, this wouldn’t be happening,” Dupre says. “We’ve gone from being the laughingstock to the model for the rest of the country.” (Read More)

Lowcountry Live (Video)
features Doug Meffert, NAS
WCIV Charleston, SC. August 26, 2015
“Levees are only one line of defense. Multiple lines of defense are need to protect coastal communities from future storms.” (View Here)

Fox 18 Nine O’Clock News (Video)
features Doug Meffert, NAS
KLJB Davenport, IA. August 25, 2015
“Levees are only one line of defense. Multiple lines of defense are need to protect coastal communities from future storms.” (View Here)

Related News:
Rising Sea Level Threatens Coastal Restoration, New Orleans Levees, Scientists Say
by Mark Schleifstein, Times Picayune
“Even as Louisiana embarks on a multi-billion-dollar program to begin rebuilding its coast, evidence continues to mount that new coastal land will have to contend with a more rapid rise in sea level than projected in present state plans.” (Read more)

Katrina: Lasting Climate Lessons for a Sinking City
by Bobby Magill, Climate Central
“Katrina taught New Orleans and the Gulf Coast many lessons about how vulnerable the region is to natural disaster, especially to sea level rise and storm surge made worse by climate change. But a more complex, man-made problem also threatens New Orleans and it was captured in the indelible images taken in the aftermath of the hurricane, when miasmal flood waters submerged up to 80 percent of the city: as sea levels rise, the Crescent City is sinking.” (Read more)

Editorial: Help us continue our recovery, President Obama
by Editorial Board, Times Picayune
“Interior Secretary Sally Jewell is right, of course, that the outer continental shelf is owned by all Americans. But Louisiana and other Gulf states are the ones that have borne the environmental and infrastructure costs of energy production. Only now are we about to get a meaningful share of the lease revenues oil and gas companies pay to the federal government. And your administration wants to take it from us? Don’t do that.” (Read more)

Our Views: President Obama Has Been a Friend to Louisiana — But Not In Fight to Save Coastline
by Editorial Board, The Advocate
“But Barack Obama proved to be a friend to Louisiana, rebuilding public housing in New Orleans and settling long-standing disputes in a way that enabled New Orleans and Louisiana to find bold and imaginative ways to replace public schools and our flagship public hospital. Which is why it is so disappointing to see a president who has been an ally turn against our state at a critical moment in the fight to save our vulnerable coastline.” (Read more)

Crop Dusters Seed Mangroves By Air To Save Louisiana Wetlands
by Jed Lipinksi, Times Picayune
“New Orleans-based Tierra Resources announced Wednesday (August 26) that a three-year pilot project, conducted in partnership with ConocoPhillips, succeeded in planting mangroves via crop-duster airplane at three one-acre sites in Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes.” (Read more)