Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Dec. 18, 2015

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Environmentalists Say Spending Proposal Could Help Save LA Coast
Features MRD Statement
By Meredith Burns, Houma Today, Dec. 17, 2015. “Environmental groups are showing support for a spending bill moving through Congress that includes more than $10 million for efforts to sustain Louisiana’s eroding coast.” (Read more).

Federal Spending Bill Includes Money for Coast
features Jessie Ritter, NWF
By Tegan Wendland, WWNO, Dec. 17, 2015. “It’s part of the state’s $50 billion coastal master plan, says policy specialist with National Wildlife Federation, Jessie Ritter, “This ten million dollars for Louisiana Coastal Area projects may not seem like a lot in the big scheme of the funding we need for coastal restoration in the state, but it sets the stage for other LCA restoration projects, many of which have been stalled for years.” (Listen).

Audubon Christmas Bird Count Under Way
features Erik Johnson, NAS 
By Eileen Fleming,  WWNO. Dec. 16, 2015. “The Audubon Society is asking for volunteers to take part in its annual Christmas Bird Count. The information gathered by these citizen-scientists over the past 116 years has helps researchers determine how bird populations are faring across the country.” (Read more).

The Think Tank, Save Our Coast
features David Muth, NWF 
By Garland Robinette, WWL 870AM, Dec. 16, 2015. “Louisiana politicians want $100 billion dollars from the feds to save our coast. But in the meantime, some legislators are proposing we cut the money we spend on saving our coast? Why would the feds give money to save our coast if we don’t do the same? This hours guest: Val Marmillion – Spokesperson- America’s Wetland Foundation Dave Muth – Director, Gulf Restoration Program, NWF (National Wildlife Federation)” (Listen).

Coastal Louisiana added to NOAA Sea Level Rise Viewer
By National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Press Release, Dec. 17, 2015. ““Louisiana proved to be the most difficult coastal state to map because of many different elevation data sources and the complexity of the coastal plain,” said Todd Davison, director of the southern region for NOAA’s Office for Coastal Management. “Mapping the effects of sea level change in a place like this is very tricky and this tool is designed to better inform coastal communities of their risks, enabling them to improve their planning and enhance their coastal resilience.” (Read more).

Q&A: Five questions for Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards
By Jacob Batte, Houma Today. Dec. 15, 2015. ” The most important thing we can do is make sure the money for coastal restoration is only spent on coastal restoration. We’ve already had attempts to take some of the money and spend it on transportation and infrastructure. Even though those projects are very important, if we start handing out money and spending it on anything other than coastal restoration we’ll create a situation with Congress when we get around to asking them to recognize that the Louisiana coast is a national treasure, a national priority and they’re going to say, ‘You know what, you were not good stewards of the money you already had.” (Read more).

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