Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Feb. 12, 2014

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Support for wetland restoration dramatically increased over past decade, survey shows
By Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, The Times-Picayune. Feb. 11, 2014.
“An survey commissioned by America’s WETLAND Foundation hows [sic] that support for restoring coastal wetlands has increased dramatically in Louisiana over the past decade…” (read more)

Poll indicates coastal erosion biggest concern
By The Post South (Plaquemine, La.). Feb. 11, 2014.
“Seventy-four percent of Louisiana voters responding to a recent statewide poll said that coastal erosion was the most important issue of their lifetime…” (read more)

BP’s green makeover stifled backlash after oil spill, study shows”
By Collin Eaton, Fuel Fix. Feb. 11, 2014.
“Before the worst offshore oil spill in U.S. history, BP’s multimillion-dollar advertising machine convinced surveyed American consumers it was the most environmentally friendly oil company, university researchers wrote in a recent paper…” (read more)

Conservation Measures Suddenly Gain Momentum in Congress
By Bob Marshall, Field & Stream. Feb. 11, 2014.
“In an earlier life, when I covered sports that involved balls, a coach once told me “Momentum is a factor because the players think it is…” (read more)

Off-bottom oyster farming launched in Grand Isle waters
By Don Ames, WWL. Feb. 12, 2014.
“A Louisiana oyster growing project, in the works since 2004, is finally off the ground, literally…” (read more)

Louisiana’s Landrieu set to take over Senate energy panel chair
By Reuters. Feb. 11, 2014.
“Poised to take the reins of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, Senator Mary Landrieu, a Louisiana Democrat…” (read more)