Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Feb. 18, 2014

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Sinking levee shows difficulty of protecting New Orleans from flooding
By Bob Marshall, The Lens. Feb. 17, 2014.
“What’s more worrisome? A. The Army Corps of Engineers is repairing a newly-built levee that has subsided as much as six inches…” (read more)

Capitol Digest: Mardi Gras delays budget hearings, Jindal to speak at 2014 RLC in New Orleans
By Lauren McGaughy and Julia O’Donoghue, The Times-Picayune. Feb. 15, 2014.
“House will hold later budget hearings – Over the course of the last several years, Louisiana’s House Appropriations Committee has held its budget meetings…”
“Think tank sounds off on coastal fund – The Public Affairs Research Council of Louisiana says Jindal and the state Legislature need to be more careful about how they use the Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund…”
(read more)

Louisiana oil industry launches latest campaign in ongoing ‘legacy lawsuit’ battle
By Jennifer Larino, The Times-Picayune. Feb. 18, 2014.
“The Louisiana oil and gas industry has spent the better part of the past decade locked in a public debate with landowners and those who represent them…” (read more)