Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Feb. 23, 2015

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Formation of new land in one area of La. Coastline spurs hope
*Features Theryn Henkel, LPBF
By Meg Farris, WWLTV. Feb. 20, 2015
“Without rebuilding the land, storm damage hurts us all. It hurts our levee system. It hurts our infrastructure. It hurts our economy. It hurts our fisheries. It hurts all the things that make New Orleans, New Orleans.” (Read More)
Gulf Coast lawmakers fighting plan to redirect offshore oil revenue
By Deborah Barfield Berry, USA Today. Feb. 20, 2015
“Louisiana and Mississippi lawmakers are discussing plans to send a joint letter to Obama opposing the plan. Sen. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge, also plans to question Interior Secretary Sally Jewell about the proposal when the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee holds a hearing on the agency’s fiscal 2016 budget on Tuesday.” (Read More)
Louisiana gaining new land off the Gulf coast
By Don Ames, WWL. Feb. 20, 2015
“If we start diverting significant portions of the water and sediment from the main channel of the Mississippi River into adjacent wetlands, lakes and bays…as happens now in Atchafalaya Bay…we’ll be taking an important first step toward saving a significant part of Louisiana’s coastal plain.” (Read More)