Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Feb. 24, 2014

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Insight: Jindal Budget Team Gets Creative to Make Ends Meet (+audio)
By Amy Jeffries and Robert Travis Scott. Feb. 24, 2014.
“As reporters and analysts dug deeper into the state budget proposal this week, the plan was scrutinized for its creative financing, including using the Coastal Protection and Restoration Fund as a pass-through account…” (listen here)

Play about BP disaster to premiere in BR
By Robin Miller, The Advocate. Feb. 24, 2014.
“Jason Anderson, a tool pusher working on the Deepwater Horizon offshore oil rig, calls his wife, as he regularly did, to let her know he’s OK…” (read more)

Solve dead zone problem in Gulf, get $1 mn
By Alex Saltarin, The Tech Times. Feb. 22, 2014.
“Tulane University has announced an ambitious challenge that comes with great rewards. The university is now offering $1 million in rewards…” (read more)

FEMA accredits New Orleans’ levees
By Associated Press. Feb. 21, 2014.
“The Federal Emergency Management Administration has declared the New Orleans area levee system accredited…” (read more)

To change metro New Orleans’ image, business booster GNO Inc. launches relocation website
By Jed Lipinski, The Times-Picayune. Feb. 21, 2014.
“New Orleans has an image problem. Despite its emerging reputation as a “brain magnet” and a boomtown for middle-income jobs […] Nine years after Hurricane Katrina, some even suspect parts of the city are still underwater…” (read more)

5th Circuit deputy clerk: ‘Staff error’ caused wrong ruling on BP’s request to have full court review oil spill settlement
By David Hammer, WWL TV. Feb. 21, 2014.
“A three-judge panel of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals kept alive BP’s request to have the full court review its expensive settlement…” (read more)

Federal judge delays June trial of BP rig leaders
By WWL. Feb. 20, 2014.
“The trial for two BP employees charged in the deadly 2010 explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig…” (read more)

IU prof receives prestigious award to research deltas
By Ron Shawgo, The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, Ind.). Feb. 22, 2014.
“In Louisiana, deltaic land is disappearing at a rapid rate, about a football field’s worth an hour, Edmonds said. He will use his award money to address a basic question…” (read more)

Plaquemines tank farm concerns prompt lawsuit
By Amy Wold, The Advocate. Feb. 24, 2014.
“The people who live in the upscale camp community of Myrtle Grove in Plaquemines Parish know that when a tropical storm starts heading their way…” (read more)

Oil spill closes Port of New Orleans, 65-mile stretch of Mississippi
By UPI. Feb. 23, 2014.
“The U.S. Coast Guard said the source of an oil spill was secured but 65 miles of the Mississippi River including the Port of New Orleans remained closed Sunday…” (read more)