Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Feb. 25, 2015

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Bill Cassidy fights to retain Mary Landrieu’s revenue sharing legislation
By Bruce Alpert, The Times-Picayune. Feb. 24, 2015
“Plaquemines Parish which has lost this much land, now can no longer protect itself with wetlands from that surge. In the upper corner is the FEMA director looking at the flooded area in St. Tammany Parish,” he said. “This is all Plaquemines Parish. Those are working families, working in an industry that literally fuels the rest of our country. And they are relying upon this revenue to rebuild this land so that they can continue to live there.” (Read More)
BP challenges ruling over size of 2010 oil spill
*Photo features Amanda Moore, NWF
By Jennifer Larino, The Times-Picayune. Feb. 24, 2015
“BP is challenging a January ruling over the size of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill as it seeks to lower its civil penalty for the disaster. BP faces up to $13.7 billion in federal fines.” (Read More)