Latest Mississippi River Delta News: February 5, 2013

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Matalin & Carville: Love, life and the Super Bowl
By Mary Matalin and James Carville for USA Today. February 3, 2013.
“In Louisiana we have a saying, “joie de vivre”, which is French for “the joy of living”. As long-time natives and current residents, we are fortunate to know New Orleans and to understand what it means to live in south Louisiana. There is no city more alive or more special than New Orleans…” (Read more)

Smaller BP’s profits down as oil spill trial looms
By Andrew Callus, Reuters. February 5, 2013.
“Shrinking British oil company BP Plc announced quarterly profit down a fifth from a year ago, after it sold assets in preparation for what could be its biggest oil spill payout when the case comes to trial later this month…” (Read more)

Gov. Cuomo’s grand plan post-Sandy: give some of New York back to nature
By Husna Haq, Christian Science Monitor. February 4, 2013.
“Following through on his post-Sandy assessment that protecting New York state from coastal flooding would be a “massive undertaking,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is proposing the return of some flood-prone parcels of land to Mother Nature, spending $400 million to buy and demolish as many as 10,000 homes destroyed by the October superstorm…” (Read more)