Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Jan. 06, 2015

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The Bayou Woman – Life in the Louisiana Wetlands (Video, 13:30 mark)
By Whitney Vann, WBRZ. Jan. 03, 2015
“Saltwater intrusion has killed so much of our wetlands, and with it, an important line of defense from hurricanes.” (Watch Video)

Gulf Coast suffers majority of coastal wetlands loss
By Ducks Unlimited, North Texas e-News. Jan. 01, 2015
“Louisiana’s coastal land loss is the greatest environmental, economic and cultural tragedy in North America.” (Read more)

Orleans, other parishes collecting Christmas tress this week
Staff report, The Advocate. Jan. 06, 2015
“Discarded Christmas trees will be collected this week in New Orleans and recycled for wetlands restoration.” (Read more)