Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Jan. 16, 2015

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Judge puts BP’s top fine at $13.7 billion for Gulf oil disaster; U.S. Sought $18 billion
By Margaret Cronin Fisk, Bloomberg News. Jan. 16, 2015
“Today’s ruling on the spill’s size sets the stage for a trial next week in New Orleans at which Barbier will determine the amount of the fines, based on the law’s provision for as much as $4,300 per barrel released and factors such as what BP did to minimize or mitigate the effects of the disaster.” (Read More)

Latest judge’s ruling on BP oil spill is key to upcoming trial (Audio, Interview featuring David Muth)
By Debbie Elliott, NPR. Jan. 16, 2015
“A federal judge in New Orleans has ruled that BP dumped 3.19 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. The company could face a maximum $13.7 billion fine.” (Read More)

How are things for BP when the chance of a $14 billion hit comes as a relief?
By Paul Barrett, Bloomberg Businessweek. Jan. 15, 2015
“In a joint statement issued before Judge Barbier’s ruling, the Environmental Defense Fund, National Wildlife Federation, and National Audubon Society said: “The court has the opportunity and responsibility to make it right, to hold BP fully accountable for the damage done to the gulf and to assign the maximum penalty to BP for its gross negligence.” (Read More)

BP: Gulf of Mexico fines will be on low end
By Daniel Graeber, UPI. Jan. 16, 2015
“A consortium led by the National Wildlife Federation said it was time the British oil company faces justice, nearly five years after the spill. ‘BP has dragged out litigation in the courts, challenging every decision only to have each decision against them confirmed by higher courts,’ they said.”
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BP off the hook for several billion dollars in oil spill fines
AFP, New York, Yahoo News. Jan. 16, 2015
“The National Wildlife Federation said in April that scientific studies on 14 different types of creatures affected by the spill show that long-lasting harm was done to dolphins, sea turtles, tuna, loons and other animals in the region.”
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