Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Jan. 22, 2014

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Coastal plan: Teamwork
By Dwayne Fatherree, The Daily Iberian (New Iberia, La.). Jan. 21, 2014.
“The members of three coastal protection groups agree on one thing: if Louisiana’s coast is going to be saved from flooding and eventual erosion, its various levee districts are going to have to work together toward a holistic solution…” (read more)

David Vitter to run for Louisiana governor in 2015
By Burggess Evert and Emily Schultheis, Politico. Jan, 21, 2014.
“Sen. David Vitter announced on Tuesday morning that he will run for governor of Louisiana in 2015…” (read more)

Dredged canals are still coastal issue
Opinion, American Press. Jan. 21, 2014.
“If canals dug by oil companies years ago have caused land loss along the Louisiana Gulf Coast, why not simply fill them in?…” (read more)

Poll: Most Louisianians see climate change as serious problem
By Amy Wold, The Advocate. Jan. 22, 2014.
“In a state not known for progressive thinking on the environment, a recent poll showed 72 percent of Louisiana residents believe climate change is a serious problem…” (read more)

Advocates Call For Investment In Gulf Coast Economy, Environment With Deepwater Spill Funds (+audio)
By Melissa Ross and Aaron Badida, WJCT News (Jacksonville, Fla.). Jan. 21, 2014.
“In a departure from past responses to violations of the Clean Water Act, Congress is looking to disperse fines from BP in a way that will benefit the economies most affected by the spill…” (read more)

Gulf fish studied for safety following Deepwater Horizon oil spill
By Nicole Wyatt, UAB News (Birmingham, Ala.). Jan. 21, 2014.
“A total of 92 fish samples were obtained from areas open to fishing — primarily near Florida and Texas, as well as some near Louisiana…” (read more)

Anthony Badalamenti, Former Halliburton Manager, Gets Probation For Destroying Gulf Spill Evidence
By Michael Kunzelman, Associated Press. Jan. 21, 2014.
“A former Halliburton manager was sentenced Tuesday to one year of probation for destroying evidence …” (read more)