Latest Mississippi River Delta News: Jan. 29, 2015

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5 Years after the Spill: What BP Owes the Gulf Coast
By David Yarnold, Roll Call. Jan. 29, 2015
“It’s been nearly five years since BP slimed the Gulf Coast, taking the lives of 11 men, wrecking livelihoods and killing tens of thousands of helpless coastal birds. Finally, federal Judge Carl Barbier is heading into the final stretch, deciding how much the third largest oil company in the world will have to pay in pollution fines for the worst oil spill in U.S. history.” (Read More)

BP’s ‘civically responsible’ spending after oil spill propped up Gulf economy, expert testifies
By Jennifer Larino, The Times-Picayune. Jan. 29, 2015
“Baton Rouge economist Loren Scott predicted “the bottom would fall out” for the region’s economy when oil started washing ashore in the early days of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Scott testified on Wednesday those forecasts were some of the “worst I’ve ever given,” failing to anticipate the “robust recovery” driven by billions of dollars BP pumped into the Gulf Coast for cleanup and damage claims.” (Read More)

BP to sell part of its Gulf of Mexico stake to Chevron
AP, New Jersey Herald. Jan. 29, 2015
“For BP, it allows the company to move some of its recent discoveries closer to production as it continues to work to settle claims resulting from its 2010 oil spill in the Gulf.” (Read More)

$7 billion just disappeared on the Gulf Coast
*photo, MRD protest, 2013
By Josiah Neeley, R Street. Jan. 28, 2015
“The case is particularly noteworthy because, under the terms of the 2012 RESTORE Act, proceeds of the civil penalties assessed in the trial are to be divided up between the five Gulf Coast states.” (Read More)

Small-scale projects benefit the coast
By Jonathan Olivier, Daily Comet. Jan. 27, 2015
“Many of the projects, some paid for through state or federal dollars, are constructed through nonprofits and private organizations, with hopes of stopping and curbing coastal erosion on private land.” (Read More)

Executive: No guarantee BP would help pay subsidiary’s fines
By Kevin McGill, AP. Jan. 28, 2015
“An executive for the BP subsidiary that faces billions of dollars in possible fines for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill testified Tuesday that it is uncertain whether other BP entities would step in to help pay a steep penalty.” (Read More)