Latest Mississippi River Delta News: July 13, 2015

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State works on plan to help keep saltwater from moving into Terrebonne Parish
*featuring Simone Maloz, ROR
By Amy Wold, The Advocate. July 13, 2015
The real story is that it prevents the loss of 15,000 acres,” said Simone Theriot Maloz, executive director of the coastal group Restore or Retreat. “We are not even talking about creating land; we’re talking about holding the line.(Read More)
Which cities will feel the effects of climate change the most?
By Michele Berger, The Weather Channel. July 13, 2015
New Orleans is losing ground, fast: Almost 1,900 square miles have disappeared in less than a century. This threatens the region’s people and places. “Large numbers of cities, roads, railways, ports, airports, oil and gas facilities and water supplies [in Louisiana] are at low elevations and potentially vulnerable to the impacts of sea level rise,” notes a White House Fact Sheet. “New Orleans, with roughly half of its population living below sea level, is especially at risk.(Read More)

Opinion: What BP Taught Takata
*featuring Steve Cochran, EDF
By Joe Nocera, The New York Times. July 10, 2015
BP also committed to spending $1 billion on restoration of natural resources, $179 million for a tourism campaign, $500 million for scientific research, block grants to Gulf Coast states, and on and on. Handing over that early restoration money was something “the company didn’t have to do,” notes Steve Cochran of the Environmental Defense Fund.(Read More)

Lafourche agencies receive $36.3 million in BP oil spill
By Maki Somosot, The Daily Comet. July 11, 2015
Lafourche’s coastal restoration projects will benefit greatly from a large share of the $6.8 billion Louisiana is expected to receive from the global $18.7 billion settlement to five states and the federal government,” Lafourche Parish President Charlotte Randolph added.(Read More)