Latest Mississippi River Delta News: July 17, 2015

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East bank levee authority approves $9.2 million in BP settlements
By Mark Schleifstein, The Times-Picayune. July 16, 2015
The east bank levee authority agreed Thursday (July 16) to settle BP oil spill damage claims totaling $9.2 million, including $8.2 million for levee districts in East Jefferson, New Orleans and St. Bernard parishes. The other $1 million covers claims of the agency that regulates the non-flood protection assets of the Orleans Levee District.” (Read More)
Barrier island project wins key approval
By Keith Magill, Daily Comet. July 17, 2015
A project to restore a barrier island that helps protect Terrebonne Parish from Gulf storm surges has received a key federal approval. The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management last week authorized the state to take up to 13.4 million cubic yards of sand from Ship Shoal, a formation just south of the island, to use in the project. One cubic yard of sand weighs about 1 1/2 tons.” (Read More)
Poll shows Gulf Coast voters want BP settlement money spent on the environment
By John Sharp, July 16, 2015
A new poll shows that an increasing majority of Gulf Coast voters support using the government’s $18.7 billion settlement with BP on coastal restoration and conservation projects, and that more Republican voters than Democrats prioritize the spending on restoration over infrastructure.” (Read More)