Latest Mississippi River Delta News: July 2, 2013

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Cleanup must continue
By Editorial Page Staff, The Daily Comet (Thibodaux, La.). June 27, 2013.
“If anyone still needed proof that the BP oil-spill cleanup is not yet complete, that proof was found off our coast a few weeks ago.

A 40,000-pound tar ball was found just off Grand Terre Island…” (Read more)

BP doing its best in the Gulf
By Geoff Morrell, BP Vice president. The Houma Courier (Houma, La.). July 1, 2013.
“At BP we agree, in part, with your recent editorial entitled ‘Cleanup must continue,’ but we dispute the suggestion that BP is not honoring its commitments. Every day over the past three years, we have demonstrated our ongoing commitment to Louisiana and the Gulf Coast…” (Read more).

How many barrels of oil were spilled in BP’s Gulf well? Judge must decide
By Terry Carter. ABA Journal. June 28, 2013.
“The federal judge presiding overseeing the civil bench trial concerning the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is now faced with a problem almost as daunting as the cleanup: He must decide how much crude oil flowed into the sea during the 86 days before the well was finally capped.” (Read more).

Popular Cities Battling Sea Level Rise
By Tim Wall. Discovery News. July 2, 2013.
“The world’s coastal cities are some of the most beautiful, culturally vibrant and heavily populated urban areas. They are also some of the most popular places for summer vacations. However, rising sea levels threaten these areas…” (Read more).

BP Report Says Gulf Oil Spill Was Only Half As Big As Government Claims
By Christopher Helman. Forbes Magazine. June 28, 2013.
“How much oil spilled from of BP ‘s blown out Macondo well in 2010? The government has estimated that the total came to 4.9 million barrels. But a report authored by a British engineer hired by BP has found that the total volume…” (Read more).