Latest Mississippi River Delta News: July 8, 2015

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BP Deal Will Lead to a Cleaner Gulf
By Editorial Board, The New York Times. July 8, 2015
Though no amount of money can ever compensate for the staggering damage caused by the 2010 BP oil spill, last week’s provisional $18.7 billion settlement among five states, the federal government and the company will help make amends for one of the worst environmental disasters in American history.(Read More)

MRGO changed seafood makeup of Lake Pontchartrain
*features John Lopez, LPBF
By Todd Masson, The Times-Picayune. July 7, 2015
If you go way back and look at records from the 1800s in terms of shrimp (in Lake Pontchartrain), the two shrimp that were talked about as being significant were white shrimp and river shrimp,” Lopez said. “Brown shrimp were around back then, but not in the abundance we’ve seen in the last few decades. That’s probably an aberration from the encroachment of salt water.(Read More)
DuBos: Settlement money will be big responsibility
By Clancy DuBos, WWLTV. July 7, 2015
Louisiana will get billions for coastal restoration efforts, and that’s great news. But it’s going to take a lot more than that to fully implement the Master Plan for coastal restoration. It’s also going to take constant vigilance by citizens to make sure our elected and appointed leaders spend all settlement money wisely, and only as intended.(Read More)