Latest Mississippi River Delta News: June 1, 2015

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The Great Katrina Footprint Debate 10 years later: Richard Campanella
By Richard Campanella, The Times-Picayune. May 29, 2015
“In New Orleans, mitigation means building above the grade and raising existing homes. It involves strengthening building codes, installing shutters and getting key infrastructure out of the basement. It means improving local drainage, zoning new development out of flood zones and rebuilding natural defenses.” (Read More)
Don’t Call It Katrina
By Thomas Beller, The New Yorker. May 29, 2015
“The Mississippi, he explained to me, at the bottom of its course should be thought of as a giant eel that you hold in your hand while it flops around. The river ends in a delta, a series of ridges and rivers. The soil on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain, he said, is a million years old. The soil on the south side, where the city of New Orleans sits, is about seven thousand years old.” (Read More)
Our Views: The U.S. Army Corpos of Engineers should invest in deepening the lower Mississippi River
The Advocate. May 29, 2015
“Getting the basics right for Louisiana’s economy depends on steady and long-term investment in the roads and bridges and rails that move commerce. One of the basic ways to produce more economic energy in the state and the nation is to keep the Mississippi River open.” (Read More)