Latest Mississippi River Delta News: June 2, 2015

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Editorial: Coastal plan moves forward
Houma Courier. June 1, 2015
“We still live perilously close to the Gulf, and the Gulf continues to inch its way inland. But the battle against it continues as well. Our coastal plan is proof that Louisiana realizes what it needs to do and is well on its way to doing just that.” (Read More)
Survey urges cooperation to save state’s coastal wetlands
By Keith Magill, The Daily Comet. June 1, 2015
“We have a solid coastal plan in which hundreds of top scientists have been drawn to Louisiana to build workable solutions. The public is concerned about making sure all of our hard-earned gains move quickly into implementation and effective projects,” King Milling, foundation chairman, said. “As we have always known, now is the time for key trade-offs and compromises that lead to a level of cooperation that is critical to seeing restoration move forward in a timely manner.” (Read More)