Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 03, 2015

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Confronting the enemy below: hydrologists float plan to keep water in city
By Bob Marshall, The Lens. March 02, 2015
“That problem is subsidence – the steady, costly and dangerous sinking of the city caused by the drying of the delta soils it rests on. It turns out New Orleans, known for its epic battles to keep water outside of its levees, is also threatened by keeping too little water in.” (Read More)

Agency seeks input on Louisiana’s Center for Excellence operations
By Amy Wold, The Advocate. March 03, 2015
“A draft proposal on how Louisiana’s Center for Excellence, to be funded under the RESTORE Act, will operate and distribute grants is now open for public comment until April 17.” (Read More)

Gulf states battle for drilling proceeds
By Timothy Cama, The Hill. March 01, 2015
“Louisiana’s constitution requires that any earnings from offshore drilling go directly to coastal restoration, repairing damage that Cassidy blames on the federal government for actions like channeling the Mississippi River.” (Read More)