Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 12, 2013

River Diversions for Louisiana Restoration to Require Sediments
Dredging Today. March 12, 2013.
“An independent technical panel reported March 11, 2013, in a newly concluded study, that existing Mississippi River freshwater diversions have not slowed the ongoing loss of Louisiana’s wetlands…” (Read more)

The Not-So-Mysterious Loss of Salt Marshes and Ecosystem Services
By Paige Brown, Scientific American. March 12, 2013.
“Mosquitos by the droves. Polluted coastal waters. Increased storm surge vulnerability. Loss of habitat for crabs, shellfish and vast numbers of beautiful bird species including sparrows and rails. These are just some of the potential consequences of loss of salt marshes around the country..” (Read more)

Tracking sediments’ fate in largest-ever dam removal
By Hanna Hickey, University of Washington. March 7, 2013.
“Salmon are beginning to swim up the Elwha River for the first time in more than a century. But University of Washington marine geologists are watching what’s beginning to flow downstream — sediments from the largest dam-removal project ever undertaken…” (Read more)

Louisiana fishers can attend coastal ecotourism workshop to find possible income opportunities
By Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, The Times-Picayune (New Orleans). March 11, 2013.
“Louisiana fishers, coastal landowners, farmers, marina owners, swamp tour operators and others interested in income opportunities from nature-based tourism are invited to attend the Coastal Ecotourism Workshop…” (Read more)