Latest Mississippi River Delta News: March 12, 2015

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BP Labors to Cast Doubt on Gulf Spill Study It Dislikes
By Bryan Gruley & Bradley Olson, Bloomberg Business. March 11, 2015
“As the five-year anniversary of the spill nears, BP is waging a public campaign to promote the idea that the gulf has largely recovered. The company’s public statements have hewed closer to the adversarial tone of litigation than the conciliatory stance the company struck immediately following the well blowout, which killed 11 men and fouled Gulf Coast beaches from Texas to Florida.” (Read More)
US Gulf Coast Prime for Wetlands Restoration: Study
By Katy Sater, The AnthropoZine. March 12, 2015
“Since the 1930s, Louisiana has lost an area of wetlands equivalent to the size of Delaware, and it continues to lose a football field of wetlands every hour. If current loss rates continue, by the year 2040 more than one million acres of wetlands will be gone – and the carbon stored in these ecosystems will be released into the atmosphere.” (Read More)